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MPSSAA Football

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Class 2A Schedule

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Date Game Score
9/8/17Crossland (2A North) at High Point (4A South)High Point Won 20-16
9/8/17Northwestern-PG (4A South) at Patterson (2A North)Northwestern-PG Won 35-6
9/8/17Dulaney (4A North) at Owings Mills (2A North)Dulaney Won 34-0
9/8/17Forest Park (2A North) at Southwestern (3A South)Forest Park Won 44-0
9/8/17Edmondson/Westside (2A North) at DE - CaravelEdmondson/Westside Won 30-8
9/8/17DuVal (4A South) at Gwynn Park (2A North)Gwynn Park Won 42-0
9/8/17Hereford (2A North) at Sparrows Point (1A North)Hereford Won 43-7
9/8/17Benjamin Franklin (1A North) at Lake Clifton (2A North)Lake Clifton Won 64-0
9/8/17Carver Vo-Tech-B (2A North) at FAET (1A North)Carver Vo-Tech-B Won 36-0
9/9/17Eastern Tech (2A North) at Parkville (3A North)Parkville Won 13-0
9/9/17Central-PG (2A North) at Douglass-PG (1A South)Douglass-PG Won 42-8
9/9/17Chesapeake-B (1A North) at New Town (2A North)Chesapeake-B Won 34-20
Date Game Score
9/8/17Howard (4A North) at Marriotts Ridge (2A South)Howard Won 29-10
9/8/17Leonardtown (4A East) at Calvert (2A South)Calvert Won 33-0
9/8/17North Point (4A East) at Westlake (2A South)North Point Won 21-0
9/8/17Chopticon (3A South) at La Plata (2A South)Chopticon Won 42-20
9/8/17Great Mills (3A South) at Thomas Stone (2A South)Thomas Stone Won 32-12
9/8/17Northern-C (3A South) at Patuxent (2A South)Northern-C Won 36-7
9/8/17Wilde Lake (2A South) at Atholton (3A East)Atholton Won 27-7
9/8/17Long Reach (3A East) at Hammond (2A South)Long Reach Won 23-0
9/8/17Mt. Hebron (3A East) at Glenelg (2A South)Glenelg Won 24-0
9/8/17River Hill (2A South) at Oakland Mills (2A South)River Hill Won 38-34
9/8/17Southern-AA (2A South) at Friendly (1A South)Friendly Won 42-33
Date Game Score
9/8/17Wicomico (2A East) at Decatur (3A East)Wicomico Won 8-3
9/8/17Queen Anne's (2A East) at Easton (2A East)Queen Anne's Won 27-10
9/8/17Elkton (2A East) at North East-C (2A East)Elkton Won 32-14
9/8/17Rising Sun (2A East) at Fallston (2A East)Fallston Won 21-6
9/8/17DE - Tower Hill at Harford Tech (2A East)Harford Tech Won 37-0
9/8/17Parkside (2A East) at North Caroline (2A East)North Caroline Won 49-6
9/8/17North Harford (2A East) vs Patterson Mill (1A East)North Harford Won 35-34
9/9/17Kent Island (2A East) at Bennett (3A East)Kent Island Won 47-13
Date Game Score
9/8/17Gaithersburg (4A West) at Seneca Valley (2A West)Seneca Valley Won 42-2
9/8/17John F. Kennedy (4A West) at Poolesville (2A West)Poolesville Won 41-0
9/8/17Bladensburg (4A South) at Oakdale (2A West)Oakdale Won 53-6
9/8/17Sherwood (4A North) at Damascus (2A West)Damascus Won 42-7
9/8/17Middletown (2A West) at Poly (3A South)Middletown Won 27-22
9/8/17South Carroll (2A West) at C. Milton Wright (3A North)C. Milton Wright Won 31-13
9/8/17Williamsport (2A West) at Century (2A West)Williamsport Won 18-6
9/8/17Liberty (2A West) at Walkersville (2A West)Walkersville Won 56-0
9/8/17Bohemia Manor (1A East) at Winters Mill (2A West)Winters Mill Won 7-6

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